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Even as an online curriculum provider for homeschooled students, we recognize the importance of developing handwriting skills. Did you know?

  1. Handwriting engages the brain differently than when typing. Notes written by hand are retained better because writing improves memory function.

  2. The physical act of writing at an early age leads to easier recall when learning to read. Learning letters through a multisensory approach engages multiple systems of the body. It also helps little ones differentiate between the shapes of the letters which cannot be done when typing.

  3. Handwriting then proofreading a first draft of a sentence, paragraph, essay or research paper promotes a natural flow for our written thoughts. When we type then edit, we correct our mistakes as we go along which can lead to fragmented sentences or incomplete thoughts.

  4. The art of taking notes provides us with our own reference book to refer back to when studying or completing lessons.

  5. Being able to write both print and cursive as well as the ability to read both are components of literacy.

  6. Slowing down by writing down helps us to complete our thoughts. Many times we explain that our fingers were typing faster than our thoughts leading to errors as well as thoughts which are not fully formed.

  7. The feel of a pencil, pen, crayon, etc. gets our creative juices flowing. Whether it be doodling on the side of the page or drawing, the creative process improves our cognitive function.

  8. Unlike a typed correspondence, our handwriting and signature is our imprint on the world.

  9. Nothing can convey a loving and personal note of gratitude and appreciation like a handwritten note.

  10. In this world where technology tempts us to work faster thus producing more work in shorter periods of time, writing forces us to work at a pace which is healthier.

Nowadays, even with so many online options available to us, handwriting still holds a place in education. Encourage note taking for greater retention of information and concepts. Encourage doodling for stress and anxiety relief when taking notes and studying and encourage writing whenever and wherever to keep ideas and creativity flowing.

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