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Leap into Homeschool


Does your child dream of dancing fo American Ballet Theater? In the world of dance, a great amount of time is devoted to training for those dancers wishing to pursue dance as a professional career which can start as young as age 14. Homeschooling can be a way for students to continue with their education and also have more time for dance.


Homeschooling is flexible, allowing dancers more time for private lessons or

extra classes.  Our homeschool curriculum can be tailored to meet the demands of each dancer’s schedule, therefore, dancers can get the recommended amount of sleep following late-night performances.  In addition, dancers have the freedom to travel to competitions and auditions while keeping up on their studies.


Teenage dancers, especially boys, can be bullied in a traditional school setting 
where dancing is not considered a traditional activity for boys.
  Male dancers can hone their skills in a supportive environment where their peers conform to the social rules of the ballroom. With the number of homeschooled students rising each year, dance studios are reporting more and more of their students opting for a more flexible approach to education. Dance instructors find homeschooled students to be more energetic as they are not arriving to lessons late in the afternoon exhausted from school.  Homeschooled dancers report increased energy as opposed to their peers and they do not have the pressure of completing homework assignments late at night.


Students interested in the arts have the time, flexibility and opportunity to explore voice or drama lessons as they now have more time in the day for themselves Another benefit of the child-centered schedule is the ability to just run

around and play and be a child.  When completing a child’s education from home,

more advanced material which is custom-designed for each child can be completed

in a fraction of the time than what is spent on the same amount of work in school.


That leaves hours for enrichment and fun!

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