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Homeschooling and Athletes


Many believed that these two activities could not be possible, especially once children entered high school.  But with sports figures such as Tim Tebow demonstrating the successes of a homeschooled student, this can no longer be said. 


NCAA: The NCAA has given homeschoolers equal status with traditional students and streamlines their access to its academic eligibility clearinghouse. Advocates of homeschooling student-athletes claim it is beneficial for the talented. In the United States in 2013, there were 1,475,282 homeschooled students. Of these students, the athletes are by passing the traditional high school-to-college-professional route to hone their talents with more flexible schedules and fewer restrictions from school activity associations and league rules. Homeschooling also makes it possible for student-athletes to forge relationships with a wider range of people. Coaches report an advantage on traditionally schooled students because of the more flexible schedule allowing time for two things critical to success as an endurance athlete: nutrition and rest. In addition, there is more time during the day for practice hours. Coaches also say homeschooled students have increased motivation and superior time-management skills. With homeschooling, parents can organize learning around the passions of their children making it a good educational strategy for children with exceptional talents.


Adirondack Learning Academy is NCAA Approved

Adirondack Learning Academy is now NCAA approved! Check out our comprehensive curriculum and see how we can take you where you want to go. Give us a call today to enroll!


With Adirondack Learning Academy  online courses, young athletes can fulfill NCAA® initial eligibility requirements on a schedule that fits individual training and travel.


We offer:

  • Comprehensive, NCAA-approved online courses

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Engaging, interactive multimedia curriculum


Adirondack LearningAcademy helps athletes achieve their college dreams.

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