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Here's What Our Students and Parents

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Student Reviews
Maty Noyes, Adirondack Learning Academy Review
Maty Noyes
Student Entertainer

“I like how it’s flexible and understanding with your schedule, yet you still learn a lot and on your own time. It moves and work with you, while always teaching you something. ALA saved me from a boring high school life so I could follow my dreams and still get an education! It’s a wonderful thing."

Austin Connelly, Adirondack Learning Academy Review
Austin Connelly
Student Athlete

“I like that ALA is work based and not time based, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time for no reason. Once you complete your work you are done!”

Jonathan Adams, Adirondack Learning Academy Review
Jonathan Adams

“My classes work for me.  If I don't understand something, my learning coach can give me a different assignment. I know I am still learning but the work is not as hard for me.  My learning coach took the time to get to know me and how I like to learn.  She listened to me so I would not be frustrated with school.”

Parent Reviews
Tina P., Dickinson, AL


Hello, my name is Tina and I am going to tell the story of what Adirondack Learning Academy has meant to me and my daughter.  My daughter was enrolled in a middle school in which she was having trouble with bullying on a daily basis.  She has some health issues that require her to miss more school than the normal kid and the anxiety of the bullying made the health issues worse.  As a teacher, it was hard for me to comprehend the bullying she was facing.  No amount of trying to deal with the situation made it any different.  Her neurologist told me I should consider home school but I did not think I could manage to teach all day and then do it when I got home.  In March of her 7th grade year, I got so upset with the school that I started researching homeschooling.  I received an email and I was looking at the information but the phone call from Maryann is what made me sure I was looking at the right school.  She was so understanding and very thorough.  The program that is used for instruction is all online and is very thorough.  It can be done at her own pace and there is always someone there to assist if she needs it.  The curriculum is challenging, but not overly complicated,  and the fact that it requires a writing in all subjects is great.  All students need to be able to explain their thought processes to help them when they get into college.  After 1 1/2 years with Adirondack Learning Academy, I gave my daughter the option of going to the high school I teach at or continuing this program and she said that she preferred this program.  I think it is a wise choice for her because she will always have anxiety in the social situations and I would rather have her healthy at home than sick in regular school.  I recommend this program to anyone!  It is well worth it, it gave me my child back.  She went from being in a dark place to laughing and smiling again.

Willie and Lori R., New York, NY


Adirondack Learning Academy (ALA) is an NCAA approved home school program that has a wonderful learning environment which has been a great experience for our son. We moved our son from a NYC public high school and enrolled him into ALA’s homeschool program. He started with the home school program during his first year of high school and has been enrolled ever since. Although ALA’s curriculum is challenging, our son is able to work on and complete his coursework at his own pace. We are also very pleased with the director and our son’s advisor because they are patient and are willing to work with you. The director has been very helpful especially with regards to DOE issues and quarterly reporting. Our son’s advisor been very patient and helpful and responds quickly to any questions my son may have regarding his coursework. We are very pleased with Adirondack Learning Academy (ALA) and we know our son will succeed academically because they sincerely care about their students and they want them to succeed.

Nancy, Florida


"Adirondack Learning Academy has been a wonderful school for my child whose participation in theater takes up much of her time. She has developed study skills and is much more responsible with her work since enrolling with Adirondack Learning Academy. The program offers a work-at-your-own pace program which works for my child and her learning strengths and needs. I am very happy with the curriculum and the level of academic support given.


The Adirondack Learning Academy administration is most accommodating, and even helps with official documentation for school districts when needed.  The program offers far more course selections than most schools as well.  Overall, it is a very positive experience."

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