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Student Reviews

Maty Noyes, Student Entertainer

“I like how it’s flexible and understanding with your schedule, yet you still learn a lot and on your own time. It moves and work with you, while always teaching you something. ALA saved me from a boring high school life so I could follow my dreams and still get an education! It’s a wonderful thing."

Austin Connelly, Student Athlete

“I like that ALA is work based and not time based, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time for no reason. Once you complete your work you are done!”

Lauren Adams, Student 

“I have my own teacher who knows me and teaches me my courses so I always feel like I am learning.  My learning coach makes my assignments interesting. I always want to do my school work!  I like that I can see my learning coach and ask her questions whenever I need to."

Jonathan Adams, Student 

“My classes work for me.  If I don't understand something, my learning coach can give me a different assignment. I know I am still learning but the work is not as hard for me.  My learning coach took the time to get to know me and how I like to learn.  She listened to me so I would not be frustrated with school.”

J. Dixon, Student 

"What I love about the Adirondack Learning Academy is the ability to go at your own pace. For example, if you have to participate in a yearbook meeting, then you can always come back later to finish your assignments. The best part of the school is the teachers, who are always there for you."

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