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Homeschooling and Military Families


For many military families, having to PCS and adapt to all the changes in curriculum, teaching styles, grading systems and school regulations can be a challenge. Homeschooling for military kids and families has many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Online Learning. Adirondack Learning Academy offers a competitive and comprehensive curriculum which follows your child so there is a continuity of learning. Along with the online curriculum, each student is assigned a learning coach who offers academic support on an as needed basis and parents are provided with portals to monitor their child’s progress.

  • Continuity of Learning. While your family is on the move, homeschooling allows your child to continue learning without having to transition to a new curriculum and a new school. Here at Adirondack Learning Academy, our Director of Education will make sure your child is meeting the educational requirements for your new location.

  • Working on Military Time. Homeschooling offers a flexible, work-at-your-own pace schedule. Moving, vacations and days off do not interfere with academics. Your child will have access to his/her student account whenever and wherever there is an internet connection.

  • Individualized Learning. Does your child need extra time to master a subject? Or, does he/she yearn to be appropriately challenged? With homeschooling, especially with a program such as ours, learning coaches work to evaluate and assess your child’s submitted work to determine their academic abilities then customize their courses to meet their individual strengths and needs.

  • The World Is At Your Fingertips. Explore your new location! Add the new sights, cultures and languages to your homeschool days for a truly well-rounded and enriching experience.


Adirondack Learning Academy Military Discount

We offer a 10% Discount for all of our Military Families.

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