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​Program Fees

Adirondack Learning Academy
Enrollment and  Program Fees



Adirondack Learning Academy has a rolling enrollment policy. This means you can start your student at any time during the year. We do a comprehensive transcript review to be sure your student is being placed in the correct classes and aren't missing key concepts taught due to a mid-year transfer. 


Program Fees


Your program fees cover everything you need to participate in
Adirondack Learning Academy's program.


The following items are included with your fees:



Your program fee gives you access to 3 state of the art curriculum options.


Periodic Reporting

These reports tell you how your student is doing academically and if they are staying on track.


Cumulative Progress Reports

Cumulative progress reports are provided quarterly.



All information needed to complete your IHIP (Individual Home Instruction Plan) will be provided for you once student transcripts have been reviewed and student courses have been chosen.


Learning Coach

Each student at ALA is assigned to a Learning Coach. Your learning coach helps you along your educational path with questions you have on assignments. They will grade student work, keep track of your student's progress and send you periodic reports.


Occasionally students will need a little extra help. Tutoring sessions are available to our students at a reasonable rate. The sessions are done online and can be scheduled as a single session or a group of sessions. 

College Entrance Assistance

Each graduating student from ALA is given the option of receiving help in applying for colleges and going through the college entrance process.


No Text Books!

Our online curriculum is comprehensive!

Billing and Withdrawal Policy

Parents are responsible for the yearly program fee and licensing fee.  The licensing fee payment is paid for each academic year your child participates with Adirondack Learning Academy and is non-refundable. Program fees for each full academic year enrolled differ depending on payment plan, but are also due by the end of the academic year. If there is a past due balance, records will not be released until your balance is paid in full.

Late Payment Fee: A late payment fee of $25 will be charged on the last day of the month for late payments. If payment is not received by the last day of the month, your child will be locked out of the database and unable to complete work until your past due balance has been paid. An invoice with late fee included will be sent with an e-payment link.

In case of withdrawal, a 30 day notice is required to make student grades and records available. If you have paid in advance, you will receive a refund for only full semesters where your child did not attend Adirondack Learning Academy. If they attended any portion of a semester the money will not be returned for that semester. Early withdrawal does not terminate this agreement and payment arrangement.  The balance of any past due program fees per semester is due at the time of withdrawal. The withdrawal form must be submitted to generate grade reports. 

Individual Student Account
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