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Incorporating technology has changed the traditional face of homeschooling. Technology brings lessons to life, can increase attention span and allows for flexibility on busy days when learning has to move away from scheduled times during the day. Technology allows for learning to take place while your child is snacking, it provides additional resources to enhance learning and it brings families together when gathering on the couch to watch a documentary.

Screen time can actually be beneficial. Online classes, YouTube and apps are fun and engaging ways in which homeschooled students can learn. Younger students tend to learn and recall more information when learning through a video or an app. The multi-sensory approach through video-based learning and/or gamification uses design elements to make learning more engaging.

Here are some ways to add technology to your homeschool.

An online curriculum. This offers flexibility and self-paced learning. Students enrolled in an online curriculum have also demonstrated better time management skills and refined critical thinking skills.

Documentaries. These provide an opportunity to connect with the event. In addition to the visual component, documentaries can lead to discussion which further deepens the learning experience.

Tablets. Small and convenient, these are perfect for learning on the go. Educational apps can be downloaded, documentaries can be streamed and tour videos of historic sites and landmarks can be viewed while traveling.

Online book clubs. For those who have days when getting out of the house is difficult, online activities, book clubs and social clubs are ways to use technology for connecting with other homeschooled students.

Technology-based homeschooling is a fantastic way to keep your student excited about learning. With its auditory and visual approach, students can vividly experience what they are learning which will motivate them to want to further research the concepts being presented through video format for if we want our students to learn, we have to engage them with the content.

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