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Spring fever is usually characterized by students displaying a burst of energy, lack of focus, pleas for less coursework and more time outdoors. As a homeschool parent, there are several clever ways for you to treat spring fever.

1. Get moving. Whether indoors or outdoors, add physical activity to your homeschool day. Plan activities which incorporate the current course topics. Add fun to the learning


2. Presentations. Rather than asking your student to sit quietly when reading and/or

studying, plan student presentations which bring the content to life.

3. Get hands-on. Many students learn through doing. Whether it is cooking, baking, art,

woodworking or crafts, projects are a great way to reinforce learning.

4. Special guests. Homeschool field trips are always something to look forward to. With

the weather warming up, visit local farms, zoos and/or art galleries to visit experts who

are eager to share their knowledge.

The onset of warmer weather can present challenges for homeschooling parents. The key to success is to channel the energy so as to promote active learning. Continue to hold your student to a high academic standard, continue to set realistic academic expectations, continue to structure your homeschool day according to what works best for your family and watch your student rise to academic excellence!

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