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The 2020-2021 School Year: All Hope Is Not Lost

As first quarter report cards were released, many parents were surprised to see much lower and, possibly, failing grades for their students. For many families, the transition to remote learning has been stressful. School districts across the country are reporting sharp spikes in failing grades so far this Fall during a term that has largely been taught remotely to students remaining at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Adirondack Learning Academy is proud to report that this is not the case with our homeschooled students. Students following our accredited online curriculum continue to excel in all academic areas because in addition to the continuity of learning, each student is assigned a learning coach who offers academic support on an as needed basis.

What are the benefits of a learning coach?

  1. Individualized instructional programs implemented as the learning coach develops a rapport with the student.

  2. The unique gifts and talents of each individual student is recognized and nurtured.

  3. Intellectual growth is encouraged in a supportive environment where the ideas of all are welcomed and respected.

  4. An encouraging learning environment is created where optimal learning takes place.

  5. Parents have the benefit of an educator to assist with teaching those subjects such as math for which a parent may otherwise not feel comfortable or has “forgotten” those skills.

The comprehensive online curriculum provided by Adirondack Learning Academy guarantees students will remain on track unlike districts that are reporting the reduced online instructional time makes it harder for students to keep up in difficult subjects like math and science.

If you are a parent seeking an alternate option for the reminder of this school year, visit or call our Director of Admissions at (800)374-1007 to learn more about what Adirondack Learning Academy has to offer.

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