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The high school years aren’t solely about academic achievements and applying to colleges. Time should also be devoted to developing life skills beyond the scope of the homeschool curriculum. Below are 3 which are indicators of personal growth.

  1. Personal Interactions. This area includes the confidence to ask questions, seek assistance and present a viewpoint, not just social communication with friends. Oftentimes, a student who cannot express their learning needs to their learning coach will see lower grades. Effective personal interactions also means learning the difference between speaking with their peers and speaking with people of authority such as a learning coach or college admissions counselor.

  2. Good Manners. A good impression makes for a positive impression. Introducing oneself, writing a thank you note and appropriate attire are just a few life skills which can be taught during the teenage years which will carry over to adulthood.

  3. Life Management. Early on in the teenage years, teaching time management skills will assist with daily task completion for their online courses. It will also help with scheduling out lengthier research papers and projects. As your teen acquires money, teach money management skills for saving, spending and investing.

The high school years pass by quickly. As parents, we think about selecting courses with our teen and meeting credit requirements for graduation. We think about touring college campuses and awaiting college acceptance packages. Many colleges, in addition to good grades, look for a well-rounded student who presents well and who will contribute to the campus, therefore, honing these life skills during the high school years can lead to personal success in later years.

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