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Do you find yourself overthinking homeschooling? Is your child learning everything needed to achieve academic success? Are you providin enough opportunities for social interaction? Are you spending too much time on courses? Or, not enough? We hear a lot a

bout anxiety in children when it comes to learning. As parents, we get anxious too. Our brains go into overdrive and we overthink many of our decisions. With these three easy methods, we can calm ourselves down and refocus on what is most important - our children.

  1. Breathe. Deep breathing exercises, prayer and meditation help with managing feelings of anxiety. Counting down exercises assist with redirecting thoughts in our conscious and subconscious minds. For example, think of 5 things you can see then 4 things you can hear then 3 things you can touch then 2 things you can smell then one thing you can taste.

  2. Take Action. Evaluate the source of the anxiety. Is there a cause for concern? If so, take action to remedy the situation. When necessary, call on your support network of other homeschooling families and/or your learning coach for advice and suggestions.

  3. Find The Joy. Keep a journal to reflect upon your blessings. Spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. When feeling overwhelmed and anxious, make time to rediscover those activities which relax you.

Feeling anxious about homeschooling is a “normal” component of the journey which should not take away from the joy and satisfaction of educating your child at home. Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure it out all by yourself. Our online curriculum removes the guesswork from your decision to homeschool. Everything needed for academic success is right there in the student account. Learning coaches are available to offer academic support on an as-needed basis as well as to answer your questions about homeschooling in general so you can enjoy the most enriching component of homeschooling - your relationship with your child.

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