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Now that you’re homeschooling, how does your child earn credits for physical education? Here are some creative ways to handle logging PE hours.

Nature Trails. Hiking a local trail is a beautiful way to earn credit! This is also a great way to chat with your teen.

Walking. Don’t have a trail nearby? Walk through your neighborhood for 45 minutes 3-4 times each week.

Biking. This is an excellent way to get your child out into nature and earn credit while doing it.

Workout Videos. Netflix and Amazon have low impact workouts available from various trainers presenting with different styles.

Jump, Jump! An outdoor or indoor trampoline is a fun way to participate in an exercise called rebounding. Your child will bounce their way to tone muscles and good core strength.

Church Sports. Many church organizations offer sports leagues at a low cost or no cost at all. Another advantage to a church sports league is there is less of a commitment when it comes to time and travel.

Sports Leagues. Local recreational leagues and travel teams offer practice and game schedules which make logging hours easy for homeschooling parents.

Just Dance. Not all children are into sports, therefore, dance lessons are an option. Any kind of dance which involves movement or activity will count as physical education.

Swimming Lessons. Whether first learning to swim or taking advanced lessons to become a lifeguard, swimming lessons teach skills for physical fitness and overall water safety.

Gym Membership. Aerobic exercise, weights, treadmills and bikes are just a few of the options available to beginner fitness enthusiasts to the more advanced. Gyms such as Planet Fitness often offer student rates and summer specials.

Karate. A local Dojo or community recreation center will have martial arts classes for your child. In addition to physical activity, your child is developing focus, control and self-discipline.

Homeschool PE gives you lots of freedom. Combine activities and take classes with your child. Remember, homeschool physical education is not the same as public school physical education class. Make it fun!

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