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Our First Online Activity Of the Year - Invention Convention! For our first homeschool community online activity, our students had to invent a creative solution to a perceived problem or limitation. Sophomore, Jayce H., submitted his innovative approach to maintaining power in our homes when there are electrical outages. He calls it Infinity Source. Check out his diagram and description!

As of today, we as a whole heavily rely on electric towers. But what happens if they go out? It may sound like a simple question, but electricity keeps our food cold, cooks our meat that we can’t eat raw and keeps the temperature in our living space the way we want it to be.

Have you ever been in a black-out in the middle of a harsh winter storm? The bitter feeling of the cold, with no accessible way to turn on the heating system, the fear of going without any electricity for hours or even a complete day, if you have a family, how will they survive, and just how long will it last for? The United States Government doesn’t look at the rest of us as people, but rather wallets. In the U.S.A alone we have over 500,000 electric stations, but if at least nine are destroyed; all the power to the U.S will be gone, and the bare minimum of time they’ll be restored is eighteen months, by then, the whole region will be in ruins. That’s why I want to introduce a new idea that, by chance, could change how we use power: The Infinity Source.

If anyone has been to the Most in Syracuse, New York, you must have seen the glass ball that has electricity coursing through it and if one touches it, the electricity goes to it. It’s used for an entertainment use, but I started to consider what if it was used for a beneficial use instead? The more I thought about the subject, the more I came up with possibilities to create our own power source that not only saves us electric bills, but could save each individual up to $1,500 dollars a month AND is traversal for extra needs.

All that is needed is a way to connect your main power box to the I.S. for proper and safe electric currents to travel through the house. As a test, try turning off all the power to the house, if set up correctly, the power should turn on without the power box turning on. The light should appear brighter than they used to. The reason the light will become brighter is due to now the electricity is only going to your house directly, not electricity that stops at every house before yours, so the electricity is so pure that it’s even better than the electricity companies power sources. After you see the success of the I.S. among normal electrical inspections, try turning on your heating/AC system or your oven and see if it works faster than normal; If so, then congrats! You have successfully created your own electricity and no longer have to worry about you or your friends and family going without electricity ever again. But remember: Great Power comes with Great Responsibility. But don’t be afraid of pushing its limits every now and then!

Sounds like a great idea, Jayce! The staff and faculty at Adirondack Learning Academy and our entire online homeschool community are excited about the possibility of your invention becoming a reality. Keep reaching for the stars!

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