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Students with dyslexia present with unique learning strengths and abilities, however, they also present with challenges when it comes to phonics, reading, spelling, writing and math. Homeschooling a child with dyslexia allows for enriching experiences on a daily basis because of the 1:1 ratio throughout their learning process. Adirondack Learning Academy customizes the homeschool curriculum in such a way that your child receives the most personalized approach for learning. Where to begin?

  1. Determine your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses. This will help to set up your student for success by eliminating the frustration and anxiety often associated with learning.

  2. Your child is unique. And, so is the curriculum offered through Adirondack Learning Academy. With our work at your own pace structure, your student will not feel overwhelmed. Each step/lesson builds upon itself to promote mastery of the concepts being taught. If necessary, your student may participate in courses on different grade levels to accommodate for learning deficits in a particular area.

  3. Learn through doing. Cooking, music, field trips, and hands-on learning are just some of the activities your student can participate in to apply what he/she learned with our curriculum. This encourages students to become active learners.

  4. Provide a supportive environment. For many students, their previous school environment provided less than favorable outcomes. Homeschooling supports learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Each student at Adirondack Learning Academy is assigned a learning coach who will not only assist with the transition to homeschooling but also provide academic support on an as needed basis.

  5. Utilize assistive technology. Talk to text software is a wonderful tool. It decreases levels of frustration while fostering a sense of productivity and accomplishment.

  6. Multisensory approach to learning. Not only does our curriculum present the course content in a variety of formats, but it also balances digital versus print presentation to enhance the learning experience.

  7. Learning should be fun. While we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and competitive curriculum, we like to have fun and so do our students. By coupling our curriculum with project based learning, your student will be eager to participate in their studies each day.

Homeschooling is a rewarding option for parents committed to providing an excellent education for their children. To learn more about how Adirondack Learning Academy collaborates with parents and students to develop the most appropriate academic plan for success, contact our Director of Admissions today at (800)374-1007.

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