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5 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

5 Way to Avoid The Summer Slide

Fun ways to keep your kid reading, writing and doing math in ways they won’t complain about!

At Adirondack Learning Academy we know moms are always looking for ways to keep their kids busy and learning over the summer. Here are 5 ways that will keep your kids learning and they won’t even know it!

1. Create a recipe book! Summer is a great time to go through all those recipes you have gathered from family and friends. Reading and writing all those recipes gives kids a firsthand experience in reading recipes and how important it is to follow directions, not to mention a little math with fractions! Have you kids choose their favorite one to cook together.

2. How far will you go! Taking a summer trip? Have your kids calculate the miles you will travel, how much gas you will need to get there and what cities you will go through on the way. Have them do an internet search ahead of time to come up with fun facts about the cities you will travel to or through. You can play a trivia game in the car with the facts!

3. Summer newsletter. Have you kids create a summer newsletter telling about everything you have been up to this summer. Send it out to all your family and friends. Why wait until the holidays to reconnect with loved ones!

4. Pen Pals. Have you kids start writing letters to their friends! Even if they just live down the street. Every kid likes getting mail. If they keep writing back and forth all summer… that’s a lot of writing!

5. Make meal planning and grocery shopping a family event. Let them plan the meals, figure out the grocery list and a budget to go along with it! Let them calculate the cost of all the groceries on the list to see if they have stayed in the budget. Reward them with letting them chose a dessert to go with one of those dinners! This helps them hone those organizational and planning skills that are so important in everyday life.

Download templates for these great ideas! Click here.

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