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5 ways to keep little ones excited about Math!

As many of us homeschooling moms and dads agonize over teaching Algebra, we recall the days when math was fun. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to keep our little ones excited about learning. 1. Teddy Bear Counters - Perfect for learning how to count! They can also be used for sorting by color, graphing activities and counting by tens when using two colors. 2. Pattern Blocks - Plastic pattern blocks come in five brightly colored shapes - equilateral triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon and square. Use shapes for patterns, counting, sorting, exploring symmetry and, of course, teaching shape recognition. 3. Fraction Towers - Visual aids serve kids well as they begin understanding fractions and numbers. The towers also show decimal equivalents for each fraction which introduces younger students to decimals which will become part of their studies later on. 4. Geometric Solids - The perfect hands-on visual! Useful for recognizing and learning the names of shapes. Have children find toys or household items which resemble the shapes. Fill with liquid and teach measuring volume! 5. Geoboards - Teach beginner geometric concepts, problem-solving, shapes, designs, spatial relationships, angles, fractions, area, perimeter and symmetry. Math manipulatives ease kids into math concepts while helping them visualize concepts which otherwise might be confusing to them. In other words, make math FUN!

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