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Let Us Take You Where You Want To Go

Homeschooling Is On The Rise Parents cite these reasons on why they homeschool their children:

  • Children get a better education at home

  • Poor learning environment at school

  • Bullying

  • Object to the Common Core

  • School does not challenge the child

  • Special needs and/or learning disabilities

  • Participation in sports, drama, dance or gymnastics

  • Enables family to travel

Many studies have found that homeschooled children outperform their peers on standardized tests. In addition, students graduating from homeschool are active and involved in their communities. Homeschoolers’ ACT and SAT scores are higher than those of public school students.

Comprehensive and Competitive Curriculum Designed To Meet The Needs Of Each Student

Visual Learners

Auditory Learners

Tactile or Hands-on Learners

Students learn in many different ways. Some prefer visual experiences. Others are more auditory learners. And some learners are hands-on but for most students, one of these methods is their preferred method. Adirondack Learning Academy understands this!

Teaching to each student’s learning style is important. Studies have shown that students perform better on tests if their study habits fit their style of learning.

Adirondack Learning Academy

Together we can achieve great success!

Find the guidance you need with Adirondack Learning Academy.

If you are ready to let us take you where you want to go visit us at or call Adirondack Learning Academy today at (800) 374-1007 to speak to an admissions counselor.

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