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Karen Bartgis
Director of Educaton

Karen Bartgis graduated from the State University College of New York with a degree in Studio Art.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Education from Sage Graduate School.  Ms. Bartgis is certified in Childhood Education for Grades 1-6 and Visual Arts for Grades K-12. 


As the Director of Education Programs for The Salvation Army Learning Center, Ms. Bartgis developed a program from inception to motivate students to learn by providing tutoring programs as well as a character education program. Creative thinking, team work and a sense of community were the

corner stone of her programs.  As Director, she created an environment which supported at risk learners and emphasized the involvement and importance of parents as well as the community in the learning process.


As Director of Education for Red Oak Academy, Ms. Bartgis developed and implemented state-of-the-art live online classes for students in

Grades K-6.  She integrated technology into the lower grade curriculum which aimed to enrich the overall learning experience for all students.  She brings a wide range of skills including but not limited to creating educational goals and assisting upper classmen plan for higher education.

Maryann Oddo
Director of Admissions

Maryann Oddo graduated from New York University with a degree in Occupational Therapy.  Early on in her career, she gained recognition for her innovative use of the Nintendo Wii in a rehab setting as well as the use of a multisensory approach in the treatment of elderly patients with dementia.  In addition, she was a member of the faculty at SUNY Rockland in Suffern, NY and Dominican College in Blauvelt, NY where she also sat on the college’s Professional Advisory Council.


As Assistant Director of Education at Red Oak Academy, she collaborated with parents and staff to develop Individualized Education Plans for students with special needs. She instructed students in Health and developed a course on life skills with the objective of increasing self-esteem and self-responsibility. 


She graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature with a certificate in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature.  Her work on child

development and the benefits of homeschooling has been published on numerous sites including KidzEdge Magazine.


Ms. Oddo brings a vast knowledge of homeschooling to Adirondack Learning

Academy.  As a mother of 5 children, she homeschools her 4 eldest children.

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