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Homeschool Tips: Don't freak Out! Don't Give up!

Dear Homeschool Parents,

Let’s talk about what you want for your kids. You have been homeschooling and doing a great job. Now, it’s time to make the transition to middle and high school. Your nervous you don’t have what it takes to navigate the curriculum, transcripts, assessments that your state may require. You want to make sure they will be able to go to the college of their choice.

Don’t freak out! Don’t give up! We are here to help you.

Many parents give up and decide their students are better off in a public or private school because they don’t have the confidence or the right partner to help them on their educational journey. Adirondack Learning Academy is here to help you from providing you with the best curriculum to giving you advice on how to motivate your student to work hard to see their success in school pay off.

The ones that stop homeschooling didn’t do it because homeschooling wasn’t working. They did it because of they feared one or more of the following:

1. Fear of Failure: They didn’t know how to teach the upper grade levels and weren’t sure where to turn for help. Adirondack Learning Academy is there with you every step of the way from kindergarten through their senior year with a customizable online curriculum.

2. Fear of Harm: They didn’t want their kids disregarded by colleges because they homeschooled through high school. Adirondack Learning Academy makes sure your transcript will reflect the hard work and successes your students accomplished during their high school career.

3. Fear of Isolation: The parents were feeling they and their kids would be all alone because none of their friends were continuing to homeschool through high school. You’re not alone. There are more people homeschooling their children every year. Researching your homeschool community will help you feel supported and find more friends who you share a common goal, homeshooling through 12th grade.

Overcoming these three fears is no small task, but it is worth it in the end. We teach our children to never give up and that challenges are what make us stronger and better learners. Let’s practice what we preach. Partner with Adirondack Learning Academy to help you feel comfortable and supported homeschooling your middle and high school students.

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