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Many homeschooling parents are opting for a four day school week with the fifth day designated for a homeschool field trip. Homeschool field trips are a fun, interactive and engaging way to use the world as your classroom. Let’s look at how you can add these trips to your homeschool day.

  • Searching homeschool days along with the name of your state to find museums, sites and businesses that offer special days for homeschooling families. Many places will also offer discounted rates and/or special programming just for homeschoolers.

  • Some state lawmakers welcome homeschooled students to visit their office or proceedings on Homeschool Days. What a great way to bring a history lesson to life!

  • Each month has special recognition days or holidays on the calendar. A week or two before the end of each month, plan activities or trips which correspond with those days. For example, on November 11th, Veterans Day, attend a local parade as a family.

  • Look through your course descriptions and coordinate field trips with specific topics and subjects. Field trips are not meant to be a day off from learning. They are meant to enhance learning.

  • Learning begins before the trip starts. Ask your child to help with calculating the miles, time spent traveling and fees for the trip, planning and packing snacks and lunch for the family and/or researching the travel route on a map.

A homeschool field trip day can be a perfect combination of learning and fun! As homeschoolers, we know our child learns when learning is fun so spend time creating hands-on learning experiences out in the world your child is learning about.

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