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As we begin this homeschool year, we at Adirondack Learning Academy would like to share several tips for our new parents (and returning parents) to help each family feel confident and successful throughout this academic year.

  1. Do Ask For Help. We’re here for you! Between our knowledgeable staff and skilled learning coaches, assistance and support is available to you as you journey through homeschooling.

  2. Do Make Mistakes. You have been teaching your child since the day he/she was born. Much of the learning was through trial and error. We learn from mistakes.

  3. Do Go With The Flow. Interruptions and disruptions to your homeschool day are acceptable. If/When that happens, turn the experience into a life lesson to teach your child to adapt to setbacks in everyday life.

  4. Do Pat Yourself On The Back. Our online curriculum provides you with tools to stay on track and to monitor your child’s progress. As a homeschooling parent, you are doing a great job by encouraging your child to login on a daily basis and by supporting their academic success.

  5. Do Have Fun. Homeschool does not have to have the level of strictness and structure of public school. Incorporate fun activities to reinforce the concepts being taught through our online curriculum.

  6. Do Praise. Your child will love hearing about what they do well. Even when errors are made on an assignment or test, balance the negative with a positive. This is an important component for building confidence as your child transitions to a new way of learning and a new curriculum.

  7. Do Take A Day Off. Homeschool field trips are a wonderful way to use your local surroundings and sites to enhance the learning process. With the flexibility of homeschooling and our work-at-your-own pace curriculum, consider working ahead to create a 4 day school week with a homeschool field trip planned for day 5.

  8. Do Include Family And Friends. Presenting written work or projects to family and friends not only helps your child become more comfortable with speaking in front of a group of people, it also encourages your family and friends to be more supportive of your homeschooling journey.

Remember, none of us is perfect. We will have banner days and some challenging days. Don’t give up. Homeschooling offers an enriching experience for families which builds academic confidence as well as family bonds. We are here to help and always happy to chat with you!

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