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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Learning the alphabet is an essential part of your child’s early education. Teaching the alphabet to your kindergartner can be fun and exciting! The best way to teach the alphabet is by using a variety of methods. Activities and crafts are a great way to keep your child engaged in the learning process in a hands-on way.

Start With The Basics. Teaching the alphabet is a skill for literacy. Familiarity with the letters and sounds is necessary for reading and writing. Starting with having your child trace the letters of their name is a great starting point.

Puzzles And Flashcards. Using puzzles and flashcards is a fun way of teaching the shapes of each letter. As your child correctly identifies the shape of each letter, reinforce the letter sound. You are paving the path for a proficient reader and writer!

Games And Songs. We all know the ABC song but there are so many more catchy songs and creative games for us to explore. Many of us have played the game “I Spy.” Challenge your child to find items around the house beginning with the letters of the alphabet. Combine letters and sounds by playing a game of “Alphabet Soup.” Pick a card showing a letter of the alphabet. Each of you takes turns thinking of a word that begins with the letter. For example, your child picks the letter “C” and would say “Cat.” You keep going until someone cannot think of a word.

Be Creative. Magnetic letters, collages with pictures for each letter of the alphabet and picture books are wonderful and crafty ways to teach the alphabet. For picture books, introduce writing each letter and/or simple sentences. Tracing and coloring pages are perfect for letter recognition and developing handwriting skills.

Read Together. Set some time aside each day for reading and bonding. Teaching the alphabet really is as easy as ABC! Couple these methods with the already comprehensive kindergarten curriculum offered through Adirondack Learning Academy and watch your young learner develop into a motivated and excited student!

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