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Now that you are homeschooling, you may find your days to be more hectic than usual. You may be faced with more questions from your children on top of planning meals, keeping your house tidy and, for some of you, working. Homeschool parents take on the responsibility of educating their children but that does not mean you have to feel overwhelmed or stressed.

So, how do homeschool parents get into a weekly self-care routine?

  1. Evaluate your self-care needs. If you are finding yourself at home a lot, plan a visit to the coffee shop with a friend.

  2. Take a class. Enroll in that yoga class or learn a new skill.

  3. Shop! Go to the mall or browse local yard sales.

  4. Network. Meet other homeschooling parents by joining a book club.

  5. Live, laugh, eat. Plan a dinner night out with friends.

  6. Pamper yourself. Book a hair appointment, mani/pedi or massage.

  7. Read. Take some time to enjoy your favorite book with a cup of coffee or tea.

What about daily self-care routines?

  1. Read all about it. Start your morning in your favorite quiet place reading your favorite book, newspaper, magazine or Bible verse.

  2. Sing! Listen to music in the shower and try singing along.

  3. Reflect on your day. Keep a journal to document your successes (and shortcomings) for each day.

  4. Breathe. Take a short walk each day just to breathe in some fresh air and to enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

  5. Soak up the sun. Sit a few minutes in the sun each day (with sunscreen, of course) to reap the benefits of absorbing Vitamin D.

  6. There’s an app for that. Search your app store for the many relaxation and meditation apps that are available to you.

No matter what your day is like, always remember the many rewarding and enriching components of homeschooling your child. Self-care does not need to be lavish. It can be simple and you do not have to leave your home, if you do not want to. What matters most is you!

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