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Rise Up: Homeschooling Soars Across The Country

With COVID-19 disrupting the American education system, more families are turning to homeschooling. According to a recent Gallup poll, parents’ overall satisfaction with their child’s education dropped 10 percent over this last year, while at the same time the number of parents saying they will choose homeschooling doubled. Across the country and at Adirondack Learning Academy, student registrations for homeschooling soared.

The accredited online program offered through Adirondack Learning Academy makes it easier for parents to homeschool their children. Let’s look at how this is done.

  1. Parents are provided with the curriculum and guidance needed to homeschool their child.

  2. Individual state requirements are used when determining graduation eligibility.

  3. Student athletes can fulfill NCAA® initial eligibility requirements on a schedule that fits individual training and travel.

  4. Parents are provided with required course documentation to submit to their school district, if indicated.

  5. Adirondack Learning Academy staff completes the grading and evaluates written work on a daily basis as well as provides academic support on an as needed basis.

  6. Each student receives a quarterly report card and interim progress reports.

  7. Each graduating Senior receives an official transcript.

Parents have been placed in a position to be a driving force in their child’s education. Models presented by the school systems have given parents a look at what their children are learning (or not learning) in school, thus, empowering them to take the reins and seek innovative approaches to learning such as online education.

Here at Adirondack Learning Academy, we see homeschooling as a sound and flourishing form of education which grows exponentially each year. Our staff is dedicated to providing a quality home education to each and every child while providing support to each parent/guardian.

If you are considering transitioning to homeschooling, contact Admissions today at (800)374-1007. Applications are now being accepted for enrollment in the second semester.

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