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Many colleges have dropped the SAT as a requirement for admission, however, there are still colleges that want those SAT scores and often, SAT scores will determine scholarship awards.

So, as a homeschooling parent, how can you prepare your homeschooler for the SAT?

  1. Have a strong vocabulary. Your student should study Greek and Latin word roots. Creating flash cards for words they are unfamiliar with in their curriculum is a great way to build their vocabulary. Add vocabulary game apps to their phone and encourage them to play for 15-20 minutes per day.

  2. Read for the long haul. Did you know most best selling novels are written at a 7th grade level? SAT reading questions are written at a much higher level so your teen homeschooler should read challenging non-fiction books which will train his/her brain to stay focused on more dense and complicated content.

  3. Keep math skills sharp. Basic math facts should be memorized and applied automatically. Also, before sitting for the exam, have your homeschooler practice using a College Board approved calculator.

  4. SAT Question of the Day. It’s a free way to receive SAT terminology and questions sent right to their electronic devices!

  5. Take the PSAT. Given for 10th grade students in the Spring of Sophomore year, it is the best way for students to get the feel for what it is like to sit for the actual exam. Depending on the results, some students earn a scholarship through the National Merit Scholarship program.

  6. Take a full-length practice SAT. The College Board website offers free full-length exams.

With preparation, encouragement and support, your homeschooled teen will be more than ready to achieve great success on the SAT!

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