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For some students, memorizing multiplication tables is a daunting task. There are, however, several other creative and fun ways to learn multiplication by heart. Let’s explore....

Flashcards. Flashcards utilize a method known as simple retrieval. There is a question on one side, answer on the other. Memory is strengthened when we try to recall the answer before looking at the flip side of the card. Retrieval practice is one of the most effective studying methods.

Games. Board games are multisensory. We can see the numbers. We hear the numbers we are seeing as well as hearing the numbers when we are counting out loud. We are physically touching the game pieces or playing cards. Board games are a wonderful tool for those of us who crave sensory input in order to enhance our learning experience.

Schoolhouse Rock. Yes, the videos may be a bit dated, however, the songs and the concepts being taught are catchy and current. You can find many of the videos on YouTube.

Multiplication Nation. Found on Apple Music, the artist uses current music trends to create songs which are fun to sing and rap along to. For those students who are auditory learners, this is an enjoyable method for learning multiplication tables.

Learning multiplication does not have to strain the brain. With clever systems, it can be a rather pleasant experience for the student and the parent. Mastering the tables now will lead to a much easier time when solving problems in higher math classes or when solving basic calculations in everyday life. Get excited to see academic success multiply!

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