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Like ours, is your goal to motivate your child to read? First, we have to find out why our child does not like to read. Is reading too difficult? Even us parents do not consider difficult activities to be a leisure activity. Identify why reading is difficult. Is reading boring? If so, let’s get motivated with these 10 tips!

  1. Find Time To Read. Cramming reading into an already packed day can feel like a chore to your child. Scheduling a time for reading when picking up a book can be relaxing and enjoyable.

  2. Read Out Loud. Whether it is you reading aloud to your child or an audio book that you’re listening to together, both options are often agreeable even to a reluctant reader.

  3. Age Appropriateness. Picking a book which appeals to your child’s interests but the content is above their reading level will result in a lack of motivation to keep reading.

  4. Create A Nook. A comfortable, pressure free area to read may be the cozy encouragement your child needs to nestle up to a good book.

  5. Mix It Up. Fiction books tend to be a favorite but change it up a bit. Cookbooks, joke books, biographies and children’s magazines are other engaging options to spark your child’s interest in reading.

  6. Buddy Reading. Local communities offer programs where a child can read to a dog. Doing so offers a judgment free zone to the beginning reader who might be uncomfortable with making mistakes when reading.

  7. Sibling Bonding. Reading a book below grade level to a younger sibling allows a struggling reader to practice reading while building confidence.

  8. Find The Humor. Together, read the beginning of a funny book and share in the humor. Now, it is your child’s turn to read! Encourage laughing and reading all the way to the back cover.

  9. Observation. A child observes everything we do as parents. If your child sees your love for books, chances are a love for reading will be instilled in your child.

  10. Opportunities To Read. Whether it is a public library or a bookshelf at home, be sure to have books available for when your child feels motivated to read.

Reading is essential. It is a building block for learning. Motivating your child to read sets up success for each subject, whether language arts, math, history or science. Reading strengthens brain activity and it enhances communication skills. Reading is power!

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