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Traditional schooling can be challenging and frustrating for not only teens with autism but also for their families. Homeschooling becomes a viable option in which we often see the student blossom and flourish academically. Let’s explore several tips and strategies for successful transitioning.

  1. Give your student a year to de-school. Your student may have experienced negative interactions at school. Give him/her time to see that homeschooling is learning in a supportive environment.

  2. Find out their developmental age. At Adirondack Learning Academy, we strive to collaborate with parents to understand the difference between their child’s chronological age and developmental age so that as a team, we can help the child become what they are capable of being as a student.

  3. Discover their academic level. Many teens with autism present with learning gaps. Adirondack Learning Academy offers a flexible curriculum which helps to fill those gaps so your student can catch up academically.

  4. You are a homeschooling parent. Rigid thinking and challenges when it comes to adapting to changes can make this transition frustrating. Throughout the de-schooling time, demonstrate to your child that you do have something to offer to his/her studies. You are not the “teacher,” but you are the homeschooling parent. Using the Master/Apprentice style of teaching by cooking together, sharing facts on nature walks or playing games together, will help reshape your child’s way of thinking when it comes to who can guide the learning process.

  5. Patience. Adolescence is a difficult time for teens. Be patient with their frustrations and feelings. Channel their emotions by getting involved in your local homeschool association and facilitating positive interactions with other homeschooled students in your area.

Adirondack Learning Academy offers support and guidance to students and families by providing a learning environment which is designed for student success. By not requiring specific login times, your student can login to complete their coursework at a time which works best for him/her. Our learning coaches offer academic support while also modifying the curriculum, if indicated. Contact us today to chat more about embracing the beauty of homeschooling for your child.

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