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Homeschooling for a military family has many benefits. The family can face many challenges such as moving frequently, one parent or neither parent being at home and an enormous amount of stress from transitioning to new schools. These are only a few of the factors that can have an impact on a child’s education. Here are some of the benefits homeschooling can have for a military family.

  1. Continuity. An online curriculum moves with you so there is no adjusting to a new curriculum and new teachers.

  2. Online Options. There are no textbooks or workbooks to limit progress as you are in the process of moving. Students can log in anywhere and at any time to complete their lessons.

  3. Custom-Fit Learning. As a result of moving, students may experience learning gaps in certain subjects. Homeschooling, especially with an online program, allows the student to work ahead on those subjects which come more easily while mastering more difficult subjects at their own pace.

  4. Family First Scheduling. Scheduling around the needs of the family is a wonderful benefit when it comes to spending quality time as a family when a parent returns home.

  5. Explore. Homeschool field trips can be planned into your weekly schedule. These trips are an enriching way to learn about the culture and world around you in your new location.

For military families, our program offers the flexibility and support needed. Our technology-based, comprehensive and competitive curriculum offers a multimedia approach to learning without the worry of shipping educational materials from state-to-state or overseas. We work with the homeschooling parent to select courses so that the parent only has to oversee that the student is logging in on a consistent basis. Our curriculum does the teaching for you! No matter where you are stationed, learning coaches are available by phone or email to offer support to you and your child. By adapting your new location to your child’s education, you are creating a frustration free learning environment which promotes learning abilities and enhances your child’s interest in academic engagement.

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