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Homeschooling Brings Togetherness During Uncertain Times

For some, the virtual learning models presented by your local districts have brought unnecessary added stress, technical glitches resulting in frustration for both students and parents and learning gaps in education for some students. Many parents who never dreamed of homeschooling their children found themselves diving into uncharted waters as they deliberated the overall safety of sending their children back to school.

Homeschooling through Adirondack Learning Academy offers the following benefits:

  • Continuity of learning as the course content is all online.

  • Safe and comfortable learning environment.

  • Students receive an accredited curriculum.

  • Work at your own pace program without specific login times.

  • Strong family bonds are forged.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, each student is assigned a Learning Coach who assists the parent and the student with transitioning to homeschooling and who provides academic support to the student on an as-needed basis.

The dynamic interaction between the student, the Learning Coach and the video based curriculum keeps the student engaged and motivated throughout the learning process. This is in contrast to reports from families who have found that no matter the effort put forth by the public school system, the student was unable to focus in the hybrid learning environment.

In addition to the academic benefits to the student, parents and guardians are enlivened by the education they are receiving alongside their children without the frustration brought upon by the uncertainty of these times.

Call Admissions today at (800)374-1007 for additional information.

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