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Holiday Homeschooling Tips

With the holidays upon us, many of us may be feeling more stressed than usual. Holiday parties, traveling, gift shopping and preparation are just a few of the extras to get done. How does one homeschool during this time?


Your holiday homeschool schedule should include enjoying the precious moments and quality time with your family. If you are traveling, take advantage of our work at your own pace program and encourage your child to work ahead so time during the holidays is spent with family, not on catching up on lessons.

Homeschooling parents and guardians have to plan ahead as well. Whether planning for the week, the month, or daily schedules, organization is essential during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But, be flexible because it is also the time of year when your planning won’t go as planned so take a deep breath and put into action some of these out of the box and practical holiday homeschooling tips.

Read! If your homeschooling day doesn’t go as planned, sit and read with your child and use the holiday break to read as many books as you can!

Unit studies. These are short, fun and fantastic activities to learn more about holiday origins and traditions.

Holiday cooking and baking. Incorporate relaxing and instructional homeschooling days which coincide with what your child is studying. Reinforce math concepts by doubling a recipe or work on developing reading comprehension skills by learning a new recipe.

Create study time out of holiday moments. Add study moments during your holiday planning. Help little ones with learning letter sounds by sounding out the words of the gifts you bought or the items in your cart for your holiday meal.

Work on an unstructured schedule. Plan your homeschooling day around your holiday plans. Have lessons completed on weekend days if a day during the week is too difficult. This degree of flexibility will help your child to not rush through their lessons and he/she will be more focused.

Creative writing as a holiday gift. Develop those creative writing and handwriting skills to create a precious gift such as a winter short story or poem for their loved ones!

Homeschooling parents, old and new, can feel stressed during the holidays. It is ok and very common! Slow down, relax, and enjoy your hot cocoa while making memories with your family.

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