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Have you ever bought practice workbooks or printed worksheets for your child to work on outside of their online assignments? Has your child not expressed an interest in completing the extra work? Here’s an experiment for you to try at home.

Skim through the workbooks or worksheets and find a few which you feel are interesting or which you feel would be beneficial for your child to complete. Tape one page to your kitchen cabinet, kitchen island or other high traffic area in your home. See if your child notices. More often than not, younger children will notice the pages and independently engage in the enrichment work.

Creating a type of noticing wall can work for other concepts and subjects as well. The wall becomes a no-pressure area where work is not graded and it is completed when your child feels motivated to engage in extra school work. It is also a great place to communicate ideas for learning such as where your child would like to visit for a homeschool field trip or what activity they would like to add to their homeschool day. Try sharing your favorite books or literary characters then post a time to meet and discuss on the wall.

In addition to this area being used as a way to bolster participation in enrichment work, it can be utilized to connect on another level with your child. Add cute notes, conversation starters and compliments.

When starting, do not discuss your plan. Tape one worksheet, one inspiring thought, one message and let it stay there until it gets noticed. In a short time, the wall will become an exciting part of each other’s day!

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