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Have you ever had those days when you are inside with your child and you need something to keep them busy? Ice painting is an easy and fun way to tap into their artistic imaginations. It is easy to set up, doesn’t require step-by-step instructions and it can be done any time of the year.


  • A large piece of ice. Freezing water in a food storage container works best.

  • Watercolor paint and brush.

  • A plastic tray or foam plate to work on.


  • Freeze the water overnight. You may consider keeping several ready in your freezer for last minute art projects.

  • Remove the ice block from the food storage container. Place it on the plastic tray or foam plate. *Place the watercolor paint and brush in the workspace.


  • Have your child brush the watercolor paint on to the top of the ice.


  • Invite your child to observe the changes as the ice starts melting. Ask questions about the texture and the colors. You will see both the texture and the colors change.


  • Press paper on top of the artwork to make a unique print of your child’s project. For an added bonus around the holidays, use a shaped pan to make blocks of ice which mold to the shape of a gingerbread man or other traditional holiday shape. Follow the same process to create prints which can be used as wrapping paper or greeting cards. Ice painting is a simple artform which can be done with one child or with a group of children but, most importantly, you are encouraging your child to think and develop confidence in themselves as they create their own masterpiece.

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