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What is free online schooling or virtual schooling?

Technically, this type of schooling is NOT homeschooling even though you DO receive it at home. Virtual schools such as many of the highly advertised programs are actually a type of charter school most often run by private for-profit companies, who receive funding from the local government for each student enrolled. In addition, there are hidden costs to you which are not openly advertised. Often, free online high school requires your student to follow the guidelines of the virtual school and NOT your curriculum choices as the homeschooling parent.

At Adirondack Learning Academy, you, as the homeschooling parent, directs your child's education with the support and guidance of a Learning Coach who offers academic support throughout the year. Our staff works with you to customize an educational plan which meets the learning strengths and needs of your child. Unlike programs which require specific login times, Adirondack Learning Academy offers a flexible, work-at-your-own pace fully online program. For a nominal monthly cost, you receive an accredited and NCAA approved curriculum, a Learning Coach dedicated to seeing your child succeed, progress reports, quarterly report cards, transcript services and assistance with completing documentation required by many states for homeschooling. To truly take charge of your child's education,

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