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Homeschool Tips: Socialization Basics

Many parents say, “I would homeschool my children, but I really feel they need the socialization public schools give them.” Let me set the story straight here. Socialization takes many forms. An on an average day most elementary kids get maybe an hour of socialization time. That time includes Lunch, recess, group work and partner work. There are many ways for your child to get the socialization they need outside the public school setting. Here are a few options for you to consider.


Homeschool Co-ops are a convenient and popular among many homeschool families. A co-op is also known as a cooperative learning group. Generally speaking, a co-op is usually organized where parents teach various academics or skill based courses to a group of kids that would include their own.

Learn to Serve

Volunteering is another outlet to help your children develop group social skills. It offers the ability of learning to "serve someone other than yourself".


Enrolling in art classes are an excellent way to encourage your children socially. Michael's and pottery and painting classes at independent businesses is a great way to get them involved.

Music and Drama

Music lesson and community drama clubs are an excellent way to get your children involved and socializing with their peers. Many music lesson providers are now offering group jam sessions that students can attend and hang with other music lovers like themselves. Theater groups and camps are another great way to get your children socializing with their peers and the performances are real confidence boosters. What a sense of achievement they feel after delivering an amazing performance.

Get Moving

Every child needs plenty of exercise. Why not sign them up for sports or fitness classes. Many communities have specific times and discounted prices for homeschool students. That gives them the chance to meet other homeschool students in the area and develop the socialization skills they are going to need in society.

These are just a few ways to help your student obtain the socialization skills you feel that they would be missing if you choose to homeschool. If you only opt to do just a couple of things from this list, you student would have all the opportunity they need for socialization and then some! Does it take effort on your part? Yes. Is it worth it to be able to homeschool your student? Absolutely!

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