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Middle School Madness: Tips on Expectations And Objectives

There are many homeschool parents out there that remember middle school and fear their child will have a hard time dealing with the extra stress and hormones that occur during the middle school years. Your usually wonderful, sweet child can turn into someone you don't recognize in what feels like overnight. Thankfully, as homeschoolers,we can help our children through this process of changing from children to adolescence.

What Students Should Get Out Of Middle School

The goal of middle school is to get our students ready for the demands of high school. just one small task right? To be successful at that task, there are two objectives for children, and two for parents.

Middle School's Objective for Parents

1. The first thing for parents to do is to spend time learning how to homeschool for a high school student. The methods you used for your elementary student won’t necessarily work for your high school student. Take this time to decide what methods will work best for you and your family. Homeschool conventions and online classes are a good place to start. Adirondack Learning Academy has a great online curriculum that guides you through the middle and high school years from beginning to end. We even let you customize the curriculum to fit your student.

2. The second objective for homeschool parents is to practice your record keeping skills. Practice keeping records as if your child was in high school. Practice making a high school transcript. Practice writing a course description. Practice will show what facts are needed. Begin a transcript to learn if homeschoolers must keep attendance records in your state. The alternative is to enroll your student in Adirondack Learning Academy and let us take care of the record keeping for you.

Middle School's Objective for Students

Middle school is exactly what it says it is, the time between elementary school and high school. The reason middle school was developed was because children learn at different rates – not just homeschoolers, but ALL kids!

1. Give students in need some remedial help the help they need. Students below grade level in math can spend time honing in on math their math skills. These children aren’t behind. They are using the time given to them for this very purpose.

2. Children who are above grade level academically the opportunity to actually move ahead straight into high school level work. Children doing high school level work, competently using high school level material with good understanding, can obtain high school credits on their transcript. Many begin with a language, health or science class.

3. Some children are right on grade level. Many students are right in the middle! Your job is to teach your children at their level in each subject, all the time. Adirondack Learning Academy can help you customize your curriculum to best meet the needs of your child.

Middle school is often the time when parents reach out for help in homeschooling their children and that’s ok. We encourage our children to reach out when they are struggling or need help. It is setting a good example for your children if you seek help when it’s needed. Adirondack Learning Academy was developed to help and guide you on your educational journey. Enroll today and let us help you take your education to the next level.

Visit us at or call 800-375-1007 and talk to an enrollment specialist today.

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