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Teaching Over The Internet: It Can Be Done!

Implementing an online homeschool curriculum is certainly different from a traditional classroom setting. Quite often, we at Adirondack Learning Academy hear of students who feel ignored and without adequate academic support when participating in remote learning. Furthermore, the adjustment to online learning is particularly challenging for some. At Adirondack Learning Academy, we recognize the need for students to feel successful and confident when it comes to their academic studies.

Students, however, are not the only ones facing challenges with online learning. Learning coaches must quickly develop a rapport and identify those students requiring academic support. Discerning the type of support and feedback to provide over the internet takes a skilled level of professionalism. To address these challenges, Adirondack Learning Academy utilizes a state of the art curriculum which forges the bond between student and learning coach and provides a supportive learning environment. Below we will explore the tools which make our program superior to the rest.

  • Lessons are professionally recorded. They are short and concise with review questions immediately following the lesson.

  • Lessons focus on one concept at a time.

  • Additional instruction or resources are assigned if deficiencies are noted.

  • Special lessons (projects) are assigned to implement what was learned.

  • Students work at their own pace to achieve optimum outcomes.

  • Live teacher monitoring is available for those times when a student is stuck on a particular concept.

  • Learning coaches and parents receive monthly Performance Reports to see how their student is progressing academically.

  • Learning coaches personally connect with each student to know their learning needs.

  • Students may message their learning coach. This makes sure learners feel they can achieve great success in online learning.

With online homeschooling being new to many of you, the faculty and staff at Adirondack Learning Academy bring to you years of experience and success in the realm of online learning. Visit www.adklearning.com or call Admissions at (800)374-1007 to learn more about how we can help you and your student transition seamlessly to an online homeschool curriculum.

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