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Academic success involves a process beyond the memorization of facts. Implementation of the following steps can lead to study habits that make the learning process enjoyable and fruitful.

1. Preparation. It is essential to equip your student with the basic supplies to support effective study skills. Supplies such as notebooks, index cards, post it notes, pencils, highlighters, etc are necessary even when participating in an online homeschool program.

2. Practice. Typically, we say math requires practice problems in order to achieve mastery, however, all of the subject areas require practice whether it be practicing the spelling of words, practicing handwriting skills or practicing applying content learned to everyday life.

3. Plan. While homeschooling offers flexibility, structure and direction is still necessary for staying on track and making progress towards achieving academic goals.

4. Persistence. At times, there will be struggles. Encourage your student to keep going. If necessary, circle back to step 1 and guide your student through the steps once again keeping in mind that learning is a journey.

When it comes to academic success, the journey through the process is just as essential as the end result which is the mastery of the content which can only be accomplished through effort.

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