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Setting the tone at the start of the homeschool year will set the pace for the rest of this academic year. Start the year off organized and positive. But, what does it mean to be organized?

  1. The Year At A Glance. Look at the months for the entire school year. Have a general idea of planned days off and/or family vacations. Become familiar with the curriculum and lesson plans. Set a routine or schedule which will work best for your family.

  2. Ready, Set, Go. This is homeschool, however, basic supplies such as notebooks, pencils, paper and crayons are still needed. Set up electronic devices with login information for quick, easy and frustration-free access to the online student account.

  3. Have A Homeschool Space. Not only do you have to be organized but so does your student. A desk in their room or a designated area in the home for studying is a great way to help your student get organized for academic success. Bright colors and educational posters are always fun when enhancing the learning process for little learners.

  4. Set A Goal For The Year. Beyond the obvious goal of course completion, formulate a goal for learning which may be different for each student in your home. Identify your mission for the year. Is it having your student read 20 minutes per day? Is it joining a local homeschool association? Is it having the flexibility each day to participate in daily training for sports? Your goal or mission statement will not only help you stay focused on organizing your day but also remind you of the many wonderful reasons you chose for homeschooling your child.

  5. Back To School Traditions. Homeschool is still school. Have that back to school special breakfast. Take that picture by the tree with a sign showing the grade your student is entering. Go shopping for school supplies and clothes. Celebrate at the end of their first successful day back at school. Traditions are not only fun but they also make memories.

Back to school is an exciting time even for homeschoolers! New courses, creative projects and fun homeschool field trips are just a few of the best parts of your homeschooling year. To assist you in getting set up for an organized year, Adirondack Learning Academy provides parents with an academic calendar as well as planners to map out a successful year of family, fun and learning!

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